Links for Greener Learning facilitates workshops for all newcomers in Niagara. These workshops are focused on topics such as Waste Management, Energy Conservation, Water Conservation and Composting. These workshops engage and educate newcomers and other members of the community about the natural environment and what we can do to protect and preserve it.

Recycle Workshop

This workshop provides information about how to recycle waste materials. As a part of the series of workshops, this initiative strives to raise awareness among new immigrants about adopting a sustainable lifestyle in Canada. The workshop focuses on the 3Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle).

Composting Workshop

The composting workshop provides information about the composting process. It is a simple, organic process that can help to reduce household waste by up to 30 per cent. The workshop looks at how green bin waste is processed after collection and also how it can be used as a valuable soil fertilizer in gardens and flower beds.

Gardening Workshop

The workshops provide hands-on instruction in gardening. Learn how to take advantage of the unique garden and what kind of veggies you can grow in small spaces or in a community garden.

Energy Conservation Workshop

This workshop provides information for new immigrants who are renting or own a house about how they can reduce energy in their homes. Our aim is to create an environmentally responsible yet still comfortable house atmosphere by reducing power consumption. The workshop also provides information about how residential customers may be eligible for emergency financial assistance to apply against their electrical bill through the Low-income Energy Assistance Program.

Water Conservation Workshop

This workshop will educate new immigrants about the importance of the water, provide information about water quality in Canada, and increase awareness among new immigrants to incorporate water conservation practices into their lifestyles.