This program provides many environmental, social and economic benefits. It provides green spaces for local families to come together and grow their own organic fruits, vegetables and legumes. It provides opportunities for social engagement for newcomers and other local families and also gets them involved in local green initiatives. It also provides educational opportunities for members to learn about gardening, composting, waste reduction and environmental issues. There are currently more than four hundred newcomer and low-income families involved in this project throughout the Niagara Region.


LGL cooking classes are hosted once per month in St. Catharines, Welland, Fort Erie and Niagara Falls. Our cooking classes facilitate a kaleidoscopic experience of cuisines from around the world. Families from different cultural backgrounds are invited to lead each class thereby allowing a wide variety of cuisines and/or cooking styles to be experienced and shared. Our cooking classes are open newcomers and all other members of the community and also provide a social platform for people to come together, share ideas and information, connect and build relationships.


Congratulations on growing your own food in your own garden, balcony garden or community garden! We have included lots of interesting information in this manual about planning, planting, watering, pest control and fertilizing. This manual provides a good opportunity to connect with community gardens in the Niagara Region.

Thanks to Project Share, DIG-Brock University Community Garden and the fabulous volunteers who helped us to put this work together. We wish to acknowledge the funders who made our programs and this manual possible:

  • United Way - Niagara Falls and Greater Fort Erie
  • TD Friends of the Environment Foundation
  • Government of Canada
  • Niagara Region through Niagara Prosperity Initiative