Links for Greener Learning (LGL) is dedicated to creating opportunities for newcomers throughout the Niagara Region to engage and educate them through environmental programs and initiatives. Programs such as “Train the Trainer”, Environmental Awareness and Education for newcomers, Internship program and our Growing Diversity Garden, allow newcomers to learn and experience the environment through applied education.


Train the Trainer”

This program is targeted at newcomers who already have an environmental career or post-secondary students who are interested in starting an environmental career in Canada. “Train the trainer” approach provides newcomers or domestic students with the knowledge and skills to teach other newcomers about environmental issues in Canada.

The program is structured in such a way that newcomers are trained in the basics of environmental knowledge and the required skills are also passed across to them through lectures, seminars, workshops and practical experience. These newcomers eventually become trainers, and continue on to teaching other newcomers what they have learnt. It is a wonderful platform not only for learning, but also for integrating international students into the Canadian environmental sector. The trainer may also assist with translating materials used for training into other common languages.

Environmental Awareness and Education for Newcomers

A Series of Workshops designed to help newcomers develop awareness and skills in the area of waste management, water and energy conservation for the enhancement of quality of life in Niagara community. These awareness campaigns raise the level of understanding of environmental issues and the little things we can do to make the world a better place.

Internship Program

The internship program gives newcomers who are students or post graduate adults an opportunity to gain Canadian employment experience and create a network of contacts while gaining school credit.

This program is a great opportunity for newcomers to learn, expand their knowledge base and benefit from invaluable on the job experience.

Eco-Chic, 3Rs Boutique

The goal of this project is to re-use and recycle “pre-loved” materials by using it to make new products. All products are made from 100% re-purposed materials and are made by skilled newcomer women and local novice artisans. Eco-Chic products include bags, jewelry, clothing and decorative items. The eco-chic boutique project utilizes local skills and talents to create unique and beautiful products. It has great economic and environmental benefits to the community as it serves to reduce waste by reusing materials that otherwise may have been sent to the landfills and also provides a substantial source of income for newcomer and low income women.

Growing Diversity Gardens

This program provides many environmental, social and economic benefits. It provides green spaces for local families to come together and grow their own organic fruits, vegetables and legumes. It provides opportunities for social engagement for newcomers and other local families and also gets them involved in local green initiatives. It also provides educational opportunities for members to learn about gardening, composting, waste reduction and environmental issues. It also focuses on expanding horticultural practices in the region, improving the agro- biodiversity available to communities by growing a wide variety of vegetables and improving soil fertility by using natural organic fertilizers made from the composting of organic waste. It provides “newcomers” with a source of food, a way to learn more about local foods and better integrate themselves into the community.  There are currently more than one hundred newcomer and low income families involved in this project throughout the Niagara Region.