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The Growing Diversity Garden is a community garden development program that targets low income families, newcomer families and members from the community in Niagara Region. This program has continued to expand and improve since its conception and currently there are six community gardens throughout the Niagara Region. There are three in St. Catharines, two in Fort Erie and one in Welland.

This program has had an overwhelming impact on the community and on the environment, by providing opportunities for low income families, newcomer families and other members of the community to get involved in green initiatives and expanding horticultural practices in the region. It provides members of the community with a source of food, a way to learn more about the local environment and integrate themselves into their neighborhood. There are currently more than seventy five families that are participating in this project throughout the Niagara Region. This program has already had significant success in the host communities and has served to provide both social and economic benefits to the families involved.

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