Meaningful experiential learning that prepares newcomers



Links for Greener Learning has built up significant partnerships with other environmental groups working in the Niagara Region. Below is a list of groups we are currently executing projects with.

Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre -  is a community based non-profit charitable organization whose team of professional staff and volunteers provide vital settlement services to newcomers as they strive to create a rewarding new life in Canada.

Niagara College - Language Training Programs Workforce & Business development and Environmental Management & Assessment Program-NC recognizes the difficulties many newcomers face upon arrival to Canada. They offer arrange of programs and services that will help newcomers find the work and education that is right for everyone.

Brock University-DIG - Develop Integrate and Grow- exists as an outlet for alternative environmental education and action at Brock through the production of local food on campus. As a community initiative, it supports learning through personal experiences and teamwork.

Greening Niagara - Provide Eco Education for the residents of the Niagara region through workshops, films, tours, panel discussions, workshops, plus school programs Increase climate disruption awareness and resiliency reduce carbon emissions through community programs.

Niagara Farm Project - The Niagara Farm Project is a “for community profit,” agricultural organization established for the purpose of promoting interest in local sustainable farming practices and collaborating and building a more locally based, self-reliant food economy.

Niagara Sustainability Initiative (NSI) - is a not-for-profit organization that engages and connects businesses in Niagara in an effort to advance environmental and economic sustainability. We’re the go-to source for organizations interested in tackling sustainability. We promote opportunities to develop a mindset for an environmentally and economically thriving Niagara and to integrate these values into all future planning as our community grows.

Acer-Association for Canadian Educational Resources - Building an army of citizen scientists who can monitor, measure, mitigate and adapt to the local impact of climate change in their own communities.